General conditions

1. The Show is governed by the rules and regulations of ECAHO (BLUE BOOK 2021).
All participants must deal according to the Judges' decision and as per entry forms.

2. A staff list for access to the International Quarantine Stables must be provided with the entry forms.
Only authorized persons will be permitted to enter.

3. All participating horses must be free from any contagious diseases and should come from a zone free from epidemic diseases.
All horses must be vaccinated against influenza according to ECAHO rules. The identification and vaccination certificate must be with the horse the all-time.

4. Any horse can be Quarantined as per decision of the Veterinarian of the Disciplinary Committee.

5. The organizers are not liable for damages and accidents to participants or groomers.

6. All equipment must be provided by the Owners of the horses.
Organization will provide only bedding and water for the horses.

7. Accommodations for the groomers must be requested at the time of submission of the Entry Forms.

8. All people are expected to act in respect of the rules of ethical show behavior.

9. Exhibit Numbers will be distributed from the Organizer's Office.


11. For KSA Visa, KAAHC Show office will issue the invitations.
The request form must be completed and relevant passport copies attached.
All requests must be submitted not later than the 25th of November 2021.
We remind that the Organizer will issue only the invitation for the VISA, the actual VISA must be processed and stamped in the requested country by the Saudi Embassy or Consulate.
Organizer is not responsible of this process.