Prizes and awards – Ecaho classes


For ECAHO Classes and Championships a total of ………………………………………… SAR will be distributed.

Each Class will be awarded with                 SAR divided as follow:

1st Place:                  SAR

2nd Place:                SAR

3rd Place:                 SAR

4th Place:                 SAR

5th Place:                 SAR


Rosettes will be awarded until the 5th place in each class.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a trophy to keep.

prizes will be divided as following:

Gold Champion:                      SAR

Silver Champion:                    SAR

Bronze Champion:                 SAR

Gold, Silver and Bronze Champions will receive a Rosettes, garland and a trophy to keep.


The distribution of the amount of money per Class, will be announced just after the closure of the entries (after the 25th of November).



Special Awards

A Trophy will be awarded to the Most Beautiful Head (from Class 1-12)

A Trophy will be awarded to the Best Movement (from Class 1-12)

A Trophy will be awarded to the High Point of Show (from Class 1-12)