Presentation of the Horse

  1. Any handler showing a horse in this A show must hold a valid Handler permit issued by ECAHO
  2. Concerning the protection of horses and drug abuse, the rules of ECAHO are fully applicable.
  3. Handlers must be at least 16 years of age. They must be neatly and appropriately dressed. In the view of the prestigious nature of the competition, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry in to the ring of any person wearing unsuitable or casual clothing. No advertise must be present on the dresses.
  4. Horses must be presented in leather bridles or light halters. Stallions and colts aged more than 3 years must be shown wearing suitable bridles with bits.
  5. In halter classes horses may be fully or partly body-clipped, subject to eyelashes being left uncut, hair inside the ears left unshaved and tactile hair left intact around the nose, muzzle and the eyes. Horses not fulfilling these criteria will not be allowed to participate. “Balding” is not encouraged.
  1. No artificial noise stimulation of the horses is allowed in any place of the show. For Artificial Noise is intended noise produced for example with plastic bags, bottle shaking, hitting of objects or other. Any natural noise is allowed, such as yelling, whistling, clapping or cheering.
  2. Respect of the Schedule – the time schedule will be available from the Organizer’s office.

The horse will be marshaled by stewards and be in the warm-up ring at least 20 minutes before the start of the event.

To avoid any delay, each horse should have its own show halter.

  1. Sale Rules- If a horse is sold between the qualifying classes and the Championships, the new owner will have to prove its purchase with an attestation of the signed by the former and the new owner.
  2. Arrival and Departure of horses: Stabling for the International Horses will be available from the 9th of December 2019. All International Horses must be stabled by the 12th of December.
  3. Local horses must be stabled prior to 9:00 am on the day of their class. Boxes are pre-assigned by the Show Organizer.
  4. Feed – to be provided by exhibitors
  5. Stabling: Boxes are pre-assigned by the Show Organizer. Bedding will be provided. Exhibitors and staff will be responsible of cleaning the stables. Security will be available 24hs.
  6. Farrier will be available on site.
  7. Veterinary matters: a veterinarian is available during the Show only for Emergencies, but all fees must be paid by the exhibitors.
  8. Organizer is not responsible for any accident or injury or sickness of any horse, person, staff or material.The exhibitors are responsible of their horses and equipment during the all duration of the event.
  9. Horses will be unloaded and loaded on the designated area only.
  10. Horses gate entry is allowed from 8 Am to 8 Pm. Any change must be communicated 24hs before to the show office, otherwise the gate will remain close.
  11. Document of identification and vaccination records must be always with the horse.
  12. Vaccinations: see ADDENDUM of BB 2019 in this Schedule
  13. Disciplinary Committee (DC) checks will start the 11th at 10:00 am